Unit Investment Trusts

Several nationally-known brokerage firms have retained Value Architects Asset Management to select the securities for proprietary Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) portfolios that they distribute.  In addition to working with brokerage firms, we have been a sub-advisor to First Trust Portfolios and to SmartTrust, two eminent UIT sponsors.

UITs offer the diversification of owning a portfolio within a convenient packaged investment. These are fixed portfolios designed to achieve a particular investment goal such as capital appreciation or income.

  • We have designed CORE portfolios consisting of well-diversified US and international equities.
  • Our SCORE portfolios which are focused on a specific sector or theme.
  • Our Disciplined CORE series of balanced portfolios combines our equity selections with our fixed income selections.
  • The Equity Advantage series consists of companies with an advantage versus competitors, and thus potential to earn superior returns on capital.