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Value Architects provides investment management for our clients through Separately Managed Accounts (SMA). An SMA is a portfolio of securities, either equity, fixed income or a combination of both in a balanced account. This gives us the ability to customize the portfolio to meet the client’s risk tolerances and objectives. We will buy and sell securities for your portfolio on your behalf. Managing your assets in a SMA provides you with personalization in addition to tax efficient management.

We bring the discipline of value investing to our Equity, Fixed Income and Balanced accounts.

Our Equity Strategy for Growth Over Time

Utilizing own rigorous research, we invest in companies that:

  • Offer a market value below their intrinsic value
  • Generate free cash flow in excess of their operational needs
  • Earn a return on invested capital above industry norms
  • Demonstrate a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Feature highly capable management with an ownership stake

Our Fixed Income Strategy for Predictable Income and Cash Flows

Value Architects selects high-quality securities that generate income and preserve value by assessing:

  • Credit quality
  • Cash flow predictability
  • Transparency – no opaque vehicles such as asset-backed securities or collateralized debt obligations

Our Balanced Account Strategy For Growth and Income

Here we combine our Equity Strategy and Fixed Income Strategies. This offers you the opportunity for long-term capital growth along with predictable cash flows. Our selections will reflect:

  • Disciplined value investing for the equity portion
  • Optimal risk/reward for the fixed income portion
  • Portfolio management with an eye towards tax efficiency


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